'Langollen' by Gail Dee Guirreri Maslyk

  • Art Type: Painting
  • Medium: oil
  • Material: canvas
  • Created: 2015-03-01
  • Width: 48.00"
  • Height: 24.00"
  • Price: $3200.00
  • Current Show: Art in The Ashby Inn

Artist Perspective: "Coaching in to Langollen has to be one of my fondest memories. Few get to witness how life may have been over 100 years ago. On a perfect afternoon we drove for hours, stopping to rest the horses in the shade and drink champagne. On Sunday as we drove up that long drive, chills went up my spine. It was hot to be in the required dress. I attempted to describe the unwelcome heat in my palette without taking away from the beauty of the day."

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